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I'm falling into memories of you

& things we used to do

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16. Sophomore. Tv junkie. Reads a lot. Loves tumbling & working out. Shop-a-holic. Music/Ipod=♥. Very energetic. Dramatic. Obsessive fangirl. Independent. Loves to travel. AIM; preppy x glamour :]


channing tatum. lauren graham. sophia bush. milo ventimiglia. alexis bledel. james lafferty. bryan greenberg. bethany joy lenz. orlando bloom. keira knightley. katherine heigl. matt czuchry. brittany snow. scott patterson. ryan gosling. rachel mcadams. mary-kate & ashley. reese witherspoon. adam brody. rachel bilson.

>>tv shows

Gilmore girls. One Tree Hill. Grey’s Anatomy. Beautiful People. Boy Meets World. Friends. Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


the notebook. titanic. 50 first dates. when harry met sally. the sisterhood of the traveling pants. 13 going on 30. sleepless in seattle. you've got mail. john tucker must die. dirty dancing: havanna nights. just like heaven. jersey girl. chasing liberty. how to lose a guy in 10 days. a cinderella story. bring it on & bring it on again. legally blonde: 1 & 2. mean girls. red eye. grease. step up.


augustana. the fray. jack's mannequin. fall out boy. all american rejects. bethany joy lenz. the cure. dashboard confessional. goo goo dolls. hit the lights. keane. panic! at the disco. nickelback. the starting line. lifehouse.


summer sisters by judy blume. the a-list series by zoey dean. this lullaby by sarah dessen. summer in the city by elizabeth chandler.

>>tv ships


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